How to Find Part-Time Work in College

College is expensive beyond the tuition price as the costs of textbooks, lodging, extracurricular activities can add to a hefty amount, and force some students to take on a part-time job. Working part time cannot only help to make ends meet, but it can also teach money and time management skills.

Need a part-time job? Look for student-friendly opportunities and other education information that can help build valuable experience.

Look for Jobs on Campus

Students should look for on-campus jobs through the college job boards, campus career center or by word of mouth to find a position that offers skills in close proximity to their academics.

Campus positions are available for students to add to their experience and find a permanent position if you have a positive work ethic and build relationships with people you meet along the way.

Students can often find unofficial or unlisted internship and part-time opportunities. Sometimes there is a professor who wants an intern for the summer to analyze data. It can be a great opportunity for students who need a part-time job.

Take on Freelance Opportunities

For students cramming in study hours, balancing a full course load and finding some time for extracurricular activities, freelance work opportunities can give them the financial support and flexibility to fit their busy schedule.

Freelance work can demonstrate to employers that students are comfortable working in their outside of the classroom. Freelancing sends many messages regarding how serious they are about a field – it shows I’m not just doing this to get a degree, I’m doing this because it’s what I want to do and what I want my career to be.

Sometimes companies don’t have the budget for a full time employee but do have to pay on a project by project basis.

Consider Sales Positions

Students can find part-time openings in customer service, retail, potentially longer-term opportunities in seasonal sales, staffing agencies, non-profit agencies.

Although it may be tempting for students to default to temporary retail and sales positions for a steady paycheck requiring little or no experience, looking for positions that will help build more quantifiable workplace skills and will be a better fit on their CV can be an invaluable investment of student’s energy and time.

As you see, there are many opportunities for working part time in college. Choose the best one for you!