How to Make Education Interactive: Tips to Engage Students

Technology provides students, parents and teachers with a stream of new resources and transforms the way our society transmit and stores information. Technology changes the way we think and drives education in new directions. Learning with technology is interactive and modern way to study new things. It can help to improve reading skills, compehension and develop creative thinking. As it is easier than ever to bring digital technology into the classroom, two concepts – teachers and technology – become inseparable.

These great tips will help to make your lessons more engaging, entertaining and relevant to students growing up in the digital age:

Video conferencing

Video conferencing programs like iChat and Skype are great tools for teachers today as they allow students to explore new words without leaving the classroom. Teachers may arrange for guest speakers to appear to give short presentations about their jobs as engineers, musicians and doctors. Many professionals are more likely to аccept the offer as they don’t need to physically come into the clаssroom.

Digital geography

Google Earth is the most powerful geography-teaching tool ever invented. As students can have a digital spin around the world, they can learn about everything from boundaries to topography, and even take a street view tour of their own schools.

Video streaming

What student doesn’t like watching a movie in class? Education websites online are perfect resources for teachers, that help to present information in engaging and exciting ways.

Interactive education games

The idea is that people are highly motivated by technologies that transform boring tasks into games. Many programs have been developed in subjects ranging from science to art, which gets students excited about learning by presenting them with educational games.

Multimedia presentations

PowerPoint presentations, video clips, songs, short animations help to engage students with classroom material. Multimedia presentations are are powerful learning tools. Learning with technology is fun, educational and creative.

Teachers and technology should become the best friends. Technology allows educators to change the old lessons relevant to a new generation. Digital tools make it easier for teachers to hold the students’ attention. The benefits of technologies are obvious. The only question that remains is why you are not using them yet.