Revision Tips for Final Exams

Tests and exams can be a stressful experience for most students, but don’t be panic: it’s never too late to start revising. Follow these fantastic low stress tips and you may find yourself at the top of your class!

Create a revision timetable

Research proves that shorter 20-30 minute study works best, because your concentration is much higher. That is why it is recommended to take frequent, but short breaks. You can also mix the order of the subjects.


During intense study time physical activity is very important. Even going for a small walk after a day of revision will greatly improve your well-being. Physical activity is known to increase heart rate which helps the blood circulate faster. This ensures that out brain gets more oxygen which increases productivity and reduce stress and tiredness.

Find a quiet space

It is important to find a place where no one will interrupt you for several hours. It can be your room, local or university library. Be careful with revising in coffee shops, such as Starbucks. It is a popular option, but it doesn’t work for everybody and people often get distracted.

Start studying in the morning

Improve your ways to study. Stick to the revision schedule and start revising in the morning. Research shows that we are more likely to do all the planned work if you start early. As it gets closer to the evening, there is a big tendency to get outside.

Spice up your revision

Use a bit of color. Drawing colorful learning maps can help to memorize facts. Colorful notes are also easier to memorize than plain white and black ones.

Reward yourself

People who can find the right balance between leisure and study are those who get the top marks. For example, after a productive day of revision go to a cinema with friends or treat yourself to something sweet.

Use friends and family

Ask people around you to test you and give feedback. You can revise the material and have a break from the hard work. You may also look for the best online programs in the Internet.

Following these ways to study will help you to feel great about yourself and have time to relax after hard work. Apply low stress tips and think positive!